Random Pictures from Dominica!!!

FernHeliconiaWild Orchiddsc05520s.jpgBoeri LakeBoeri LakeBoeri LakeTrafalgar FallsTrafalgar FallsTrafalgar FallsHot Spring!Hot Spring!Hot Spring!Dominican AnoleHot Spring!Tropical RainforestThe Guns of Dominica at Fort Shirley


Boeri Lake and Trafalgar Falls!!!!!

Wow! Where do I start, this part of the trip was just magnificant. I am privileged to be able to write about the goregeous sites that we got to see.  After experiencing the capitals market place we drove up to Boeri Lake. In order to get to the lake we unfortunately had to walk through Dominica’s magnificant rainforest. LOL. Just kidding, it was magnificant! The foliage was breathtaking! Once we got to the lake we all got to relax and enjoy the wonderful view of the lake. While relaxing we got to enjoy the lovely, whistling of an unidentified bird.


The Rainforest!!!!!


Boeri Lake!

Next we all got to go to Trafalgar Falls which, to me, was the most amazing time of my life. Lets just say there were waterfalls 50′ high or even more!!! It was amazing! A majority of us took the opportunity to dive right into the waterfalls cool, brisk water that lay below it.  Believe me, it did not end there. After we took a dip into the water there was an amazing hot spring right next to the Falls!!! It was a dream come true!


Mark and Tirzah in front of Trafalgar Fall 1!!!


Clayton, Mark, and Bryan relaxing in the natural hot spring!!!!