Views of Hazel

I have two movies for you all.  The first movie was of the van ride to Boston the night before our plane departed for Dominica.  Only half the group was there.  The other half met us at the airport. 
The second movie was of yesterday’s snorkel adventures with the help of Bryan Allen’s fantastic photography.  If you’re having problems watching them, you can go here:
On Our Way
Day 2

Dominica’s corals grow on the volcanic rock.  Growth is hard for thses creatures because they don’t have much protection from hurricanes and other storms.  So, it’s not Hawaii or the Great Barrier Reef, but let me tell you, it was still amazing! We get the privilege to see the growing of Dominica’s coral reef!  There was so much to observe, so much scenery and species to soak into our cameras (though my camcorder didn’t actually do its job correctly). 
On our second run of snorkeling, we got the opportunity to observe the reef by ourselves, at our own pace.  Unity College students floating out to sea!  Everyone was pretty much spread out everywhere searching for species they do or do not know.  Our fish quizzes for our Tropical Marine Ecology class sure paid off! Common names of species were popping out of our mouths like pez dispensers.

At the end of the day, the group had a meeting and we had to rate our day from 1 to 10 (1 being awful and 10 being excellent).  The majority rated a 10, so you know we definitely had an excellent day!!