The End My Friends

Better late than never? As sad as we all were to say good bye to our gorgous home for this past wonderous week, we all had to pack up and set off for home. The drive to the airport was relaxing yet sad for it would be our last pass through the tropical forests of our Dominica. Upon arrival at the airport check in went quickly and smoothly. Airport security in Dominica was a little…contradictory. One of our companions had a conch shell removed form her possesion for it was deemed a weapon however, they missed their other shells and a bag of sea glass….. The plane ride from Dominica to San Juan Puerto Rico was a satisfactory one. Going through US customs turned most of us into shaky, paranoid, messes. It turned out that only one of our poor comrades got searched. The flight from San Juan to Boston was smooth and we arrived ahead of time.

Upon stepping outside of the airport in Boston we were all turned into human-sicles. It was a 50 degree difference; from 85 degrees farenheit to 35 degrees farenheit. Most of us still have not adjusted back to our winter wonderland of Maine. We all had an absolutely amazing time and had experiences that we wouldnt of had anywhere else. From tropical hikes, crystal blue waters, to cultural emersion our time in Dominica is one we will never forget and forever cherish.


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