Bois Cotlette Estate

Today we did some more snorkeling in some pretty intense water at Scotts Head. I finally saw my first wild sea turtle! 🙂 That was amazing. I also got stung a few times by some jellyfish, which obviously wasn’t so amazing. I got to see an adult stoplight parrotfish which was also incredible to see. Next we moved on to our second stop for the day.  


There, we visited a plantation called the Bois Cotlette Estate in Soufriere Valley. The plantation got its name from the Bois Cotlette tree (Citharexylum spinosum), which is common in the area. Michael Didier owns the estate, which has been passed down through his family since the 18th century. They are believed to be related to Empress Josephine of Napoleon.  In its hay day (the 1820’s), the plantation grew coffee and sugar, was 300 acres and utilized 20 slaves. In the 1890s the production of sugar had been deserted and the economy was shifting toward growing cocoa, which along with limes was seen as recovery for the economy of Dominica. The old sugar boilers on the plantation were modified so that they could boil lime juice. 


Didier’s own background is in agricultural science, and he spent a lot of career working for the Dominican Ministry of Agriculture, where he developed sustainable banana harvesting techniques.  Currently, he is using the plantation grounds to cultivate and produce compost for local farmers.

It was a very educational and fun day. 😉




2 Responses

  1. Hey guys,

    Glad you are all having a good time! Just wanted to let you know that Tirzah your animals are all doing just fine.. Adair tells us that Lila misses you a lot.. we’ve gone over a few times and played with the dogs.. I will be stealing Jayda so don’t be surprised if she’s not there when you return.. Elizabeth your rats are fine as well except that your dumbo-eared one has bit me twice. Well enjoy the few days left in paradise.. I miss you guys very much (except for Mark).. can’t wait to hear all about Dominica when you return!


  2. Thats amazing that you saw a wild Sea Turtle!!!! It is so lush and beautiful there. I hate when jellyfish sting, they sneak up on you!! Have a blast. See you Friday!!

    Love mom

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