A Great Day In Dominica

Today was another amazing day. First we started out with a bit of snorkeling. I saw some species that I have not seen yet on our trip but, was unable to get any pictures of them. I saw a spotted drum, a pair of French angelfish, a blackbar soldierfish, a princess parrotfish, and a stoplight parrotfish. I found several different schools of fish that I pretended to join as they swam away from me. The school of brown chromis was the most excepting of me allowing me to get within a chromis body length of them. We continued to a plantation where we were given a history lesson about the plantation. The only standing windmill on the island is located here.


When we got back to ITME I was able to play basketball with some of the people in the area. This was the second time I got to do this. The competition was very good and provided for a lot of excitement. This was a great experience for me to see the culture of Dominica up close and in person. I had some stimulating conversations about what people do for recreation on the island. This was also a good chance for me to make some friends in basketball. Tomorrow will be another fantastic day in Dominica.


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like you all have had a great experience with snorkeling! I’m glad you are getting to experience other cultures and see how other people live. I’m sure you will all be a little sad to leave this beautiful place. Have a safe trip home! Love, Mom

  2. I’m so glad your getting a chance to experience life and other cultures. Dominica sounds like an amazing place maybe even a little piece of Heaven on earth. Have a safe and wonderful time.


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