Debut: Bubbus maximus

A creature of much size and stature has yet to be given the credit it deserves. Bubbus maximus, endemic to Japan, was introduced to Dominica early in the 1980’s and quickly adapted to the rough terrain that makes up this unique island. B. maximus, locally referred to as “Big Bubba,” has a rough exterior, a white head, gray back, and blue sides. It moves in a seemingly mechanical way, slowly gaining momentum, but can eventually reach speeds up to 60 mph – an incredible feat for a creature its size.

Big Bubba

We’ve had close encounters with it on almost all of our excursions (note the frightened students above). At first, most of us were hesitant to get near it, being that it looked unstable and unforgiving. But our fearless guide, Sascha, seems to be able to control the beast like no other, and we’ve been amazed at how well it responds to his commands. Luckily our fears have subsided and we’ve been able to accept this exotic species as part of life here in Dominica.

Big Bubba



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  1. haha 🙂 amazing blog Lisa. 1,000 words!

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