Day 6- Snorkeling the Atlantic

This morning we went to Calibishie, which is on the northeastern side of the island, to snorkel the Atlantic Ocean.  This was the first time we had snorkeled the Atlantic.  It was definitely different from the Caribbean Sea.  It was a fairly nice day with not too much wind and the waves were still strong.  When you first stepped in the water there were sea grass beds that led out to the coral reef.  The two most common types of sea grass are turtle grass and manatee grass.  Sea grass beds provide nutrients for the coral reefs.  When I was swimming through the sea grass it was only a foot deep and I saw a sea anemone with a tiny crab climbing on.  The reef was amazing.  It started out in a foot of water and went out to 20 plus feet.  There were trenches and caves where fish were hiding.  Damien said that there has to be a shark out there in the one the caves but he has never seen one.  I was hoping today would the be the lucky and we would see one.  Unfourtunately we didn’t get to see jaws or his brother–maybe next time.  I saw lots of cool fish today.  The best fish I saw was the squirrelfish.  He was huge, about 16 inches long and had huge black eyes.  I tried to take a picture of him but he swam back into his hole.  I swam down and could see him sitting in there and stairing at me.  I also saw a princess parrotfish and a yellowtail parrotfish.  They were really big too.  I saw lots of cute redlip blennys hiding in the sand and poking their heads out of brain coral.  The coral reef had massive damage done to it.  The sea fans were torn and ripped off the sedement is was attached to.  The reef contained lots of elkhorn coral skeletons because they were dead from disease and coral bleaching.  Sascha said that it is very raw to find a living elkhorn coral.  It is depressing to hear that because they are a very unique and beautiful coral.  The coral that was alive provided an amazing structure for this reef.  It provides a home for hundreds of damselfish and butterfly fish.  When we were done Sascha and Damien had asked up to gather samples of seaweed and algae.  We idendified them to be white scroll alga, serrated strap alga, green grape alga and other red and brown algea.  The snorkeling was very tiring because you had to fight the waves but it was amazing and deffently worth doing!


11 Responses

  1. Cool !

  2. Loved your observations today and the pictures of the coral were wonderful. Thanks so much.
    Im really surprized no one has run into a shark yet.
    Be careful out there, hopefully you wont need a bigger boat, LOL. Mrs. Nichols

  3. The fish sound awesome can’t wait to see your pictures

  4. Wow, that sounds really cool!

  5. What happened to the coral reef and will it ever grow back ? What is a Sea Fan, is it like a Sports Fan or something ? I would like to know more about the coral reef. How about some pictures of it. Would help.You guys need to go back to that reef and take a few pictures and show the world the damage that is being done to the beautiful coral reef off of Dominica. Explain why. What can we do to help, if we can. Mike Berry.

  6. sounds like a fun day charlotte .

  7. what an experience…. you go girl !!!

  8. I liked your observations of the ocean floor. It must be hard with all the waves to stay in an area and concentrate on the assignment. keep up the good work.

  9. Hey their sis, sounds like your having alot of fun and finally being able to do what you always wanted to do. What the heck is coral bleaching. Keep up the good work and if any of those freaks down their give you a hard time, tell them you have a músculo hermano who will kick their asno.

  10. Snorkeling the Atlantic sounds cool!

  11. Charlotte, The fun is almost over and it’s time to pack the bags and head back to school. I hope you will bring back some memories and a lot of knowledge. You can make a deference in life and save the ocean.

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