Mighty Max and the Kubuli Kid

Today we were given the option of going to Roseau to do some shopping and to sample the culture, or the option of going to the beach in Mero Beach to do some snorkeling. I opted for the beach since I can never get enough of the ocean. Damian dropped a group of five of us off. We got in some snorkeling, but I’ll leave that to Karen’s blog.


Walking through town we gained a little follower. He was a wiggly, rough looking little puppy that seemed to just want some affection. We stopped and played with him for a while, and noticed he was quite emaciated. Tirzah, Karen and I wanted so badly to take him with us, but we decided to move on and let him go about his way.  After we ate lunch, we headed back through town and our little follower accompanied us once again. We stopped to play and noticed how hungry he was. Tirzah and I went back to the little restaurant where we had lunch, and each bought him a chicken drumstick. His ears stood up, and he sat back patiently with his little tail wagging as we tore up tiny pieces of chicken for him. He ate enthusiastically and finished off every last bit. We noticed he had ear mites and ticks all over him. Tirzah whipped out her Q-tip stash, and we cleaned him up and removed the troublesome parasites.  He seemed thankful as he gave us each a lick and a sniff and continued on his way. He became our honorary Dominica dog Kubuli.


 Next we met another dog on the beach while we were relaxing by the ocean. He was a pudgy little guy named Mighty Max. He had tags, and belonged to a group of people who were rented a house on the beach. He hung out in the cooler, wet sand with us. He was clearly much more fortunate than our friend Kubuli.


It’s interesting to see the way pets fit in to the culture here in Dominica. Some people really enjoy their pets, and have them as companions while others seem to have obtained them when they wandered on to their property and never left. They belong to those people, but only because they wandered that way. Some of the locals observed us tending to Kubuli, and seemed interested. Hopefully our love for animals rubbed off on some of them, and maybe they might start taking a little better care of their pets as well. I sure hope so.

p.s. miss you Elias and Aiden! xo


3 Responses

  1. OMG Nicole!!! That puppy is so sweet. Too bad we can’t take him home. It reminds me of the pups we fed on Grand Bahama Island. What a beautiful place. See you soon. Pean says hi.

    Love mom

  2. It looks gorgeous there!!….i do have some bad news tho…..Aiden saw the pics of you with those other dogs and, as you can imagine, he was quite upset! :p have fun and take lots of pics! I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU!

  3. hi there! my husband and i are soon moving to dominica with our “baby” a 83 lb golden retriever named peanut! i am really nervouse about the unkown with my dog! im also a HUGE animal lover and know my heart is oging to go out to ALL of the doggies. i was so happy to see your blog, we are starting one soon about our trip! im glad there are people there who are giving these dogs the love they deseve, im sure that puppy REALLY appreciated that chicken!!!!please feel free to e mail me, i am looking for as much info as i can get from people who have been there and love animals!

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