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Day at Roseau

Today, half the group went to Roseau. We walked a long ways, going up and down roads, looking in stores and trying to find the right souvenir to bring back for our friends and families back home. Everything was fascinating. There was Dominican art being sold at the side of the street as well as hats being knitted as they were being sold. There were other tourists that arrived in a cruise ship there wandering around as well. Many of the tour guides thought we were part of that group and they would ask us if we would like a tour with them. But, unfortunately for them, we were there to be in the city. It seemed like every other person we encountered, it was a tour guide asking us if we wanted to go to the beach. Sometimes we saw the same tour guide more than once.
Later on, the group went to eat at Pearl’s. It was so wonderful and the food was very delicious. I can’t get enough of the food here in Dominica.
Anyways, it’s getting late y’all. I’ve got another movie for you. If you can’t see it on the site, you can click on this link: Day at Roseau
Hope you guys enjoy.
[Oh, and I apologize to those who got offended for the poor credits of first movie I posted. I couldn’t get all the information- names- because I spent my time editing that movie on a plane. It was hard for me. I’m sorry.


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  1. Great video looks like you guys are having fun keep them coming were watching. Later

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