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A day at the Beach

Today was our day of choice! It was either sightseeing and souvenir shopping in Roseau or a day at Mero beach! I decided it was a good day to lay about and do a whole lot of nothing, to rest up before our last few days. Most of our day was spent laying about on the beach although Tirzah was the first one in the water this morning at about 9:30! Nicole and I decided that a little sun bathing was good before we dipped our toes! Of course Clayton and Mark headed straight for the bushes and the lizards! Tirzah and Nicole at Mero beachAs the day went on and it got a bit warmer Nicole and I decided a little water would be nice so we floated near the shore so we could keep a close eye on our things. When it clouded over and started to sprinkle we decided it would be a good time for lunch. We had amazing food at Connie’s: Mero Beach Bar and Grill. Then it was back to the water after a leisurely stroll and playing with a puppy we met! Out in to the water we went and shortly after entering the water I had a strange friend. Sun bathing beach beautyA very small (about 1-1 1/2 inches long) fish with black bars was swimming in front of my mask. Nicole and I played catch the fish for a few minutes trying to scoop him up in our hands and then went on our way. Little did I realize that he never left. He swam under my legs, my arms, in front of my face, around my ankles, he just wouldn’t go away! He followed me all the way out to deep water where concrete spheres were dropped in the water to allow for the growth of coral to assist in reef development. Tirzah and I at MeroAt that point Tirzah dived down to get a closer look at the fish congregated around the artificial reef and did not see a Diadema (long spine sea urchin) and it poked her hand! OUCH! We thought it was about time to head back to ITME so we started swimming back to shore and low and behold I still had my little fish attachment! We swam right to shore and I stood up and still my little fish was swimming around my ankles! Then he saw Tirzah and decided that she was better protection and stuck to her. All in all it was an amazing day, unfortunately we didn’t have an underwater camera with us to document our little fishy friend, but we were able to identify him as a Pilotfish, Naucrates ductor, which are seen accompanying large fish, sharks, whales and even ships on occasion. Hence his clingyness. He was so little and all alone, we became his school of sharks and he was our squishy!


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