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Monday Morning!

Hey! Just wanted to say good morning from Dominica! Mom, I noticed you asked a question about the mountains and I wanted to answer that for you! You’re right about the mountains–the ones you saw in the pictures are volcanic, and volcanoes are responsible for the beautiful geography of the island.

And on another note, I made some great progress in communicating with our neighbor here where we’re staying. We’ve noticed theres a cage in the yard next door with an agouti inside. An agouti is a large rodent like animal that may remind you of a guinea pig. This morning I was looking through the fence at the agouti eating his breakfast, and the neighbor came over and answered all my questions about the little creature. He raised the agouti from a baby and now he is their pet. He said he likes to be held, and then told me all the delicious food he likes to eat. Basically, this agouti eats better than most people I know! It was fun talking to the neighbor, and to all the locals here. They are wonderful people and I feel honored to be here in their beautiful country!!

Thanks for reading! 😉



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  1. Hi Tz – these write-ups are really good – all of them. I liked the one about the food too – makes my mouth water. I was going to ask if you have coquis down there like they do in Puerto Rico. At night you can hear these little frogs for miles. Do you hear geckos scurry around at night? When I was living down in PR, they were my very good friends – they’re death to cockroaches. The snorkling photos are fantastic. Look forward to reading some more. Dad

  2. Hey, girl,

    Sounds like a truly incredible experience, so glad you got a chance to participate in this. Any chance you’ll come back with even more critters? Hee, hee.

    All, the best,

  3. Monday the 17th, Hi Honey, I wish your whole class could stay for one more week. I know a week isnt enough time and you are just scratching the surface.
    Do you know how long these blogs stay on the computer ? Grandma Sellers so wants to see this but she doesnt have a computer. IF it stays on for a long time then when she is here in 6 weeks then she can see it all. Just wondering. Dee and I visited the dogs again today. I wonder how long it will take to get them. I am really torn too, there is a black female dog a little bigger then Tristan there that I want too. She looks like a spaniel mix. She only has one front leg and she is soooooooo sweet and loving. It just breaks my heart all these dogs and cats that just want some love and kindness. Well I am looking forward to tomorrow and finding out what you all did today. Love MOM

  4. Hi Tirzah,

    Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time! It’s been really interesting reading about all of your experiences, and the pics are just amazing! I look forward to reading about everyone’s next adventures.
    Have fun and take care,

    Kristin and Trevor

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