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Hot Springs and Botanical Garden

On our way back from the falls we stopped at Wotten Waven Hot Springs where we saw all sorts of things–ginger, cocoa, and coffee plants.


We also saw Roseau wheat which sorta reminds me of bamboo or sugar cane, and this is what Roseau was named after.  The hot spring was bubbling and around 140 degrees.  There were three minerals found here–iron, sulfur, and calcium.  Along the way we had an opportunity to place our hands up to vents to feel how hot it was–one of them was so hot food could be cooked on it!

After the hot springs, we stopped quickly at the Botanical Gardens in Roseau.  Here there were Red-necked Amazon Parrots, also known as a “Jaco” Parrots.  After seeing the parrots we could walk around a little bit and saw some flowers–a nice quiet ending to a very fun filled/packed day!!


2 Responses

  1. aubrie- make sure you get lots of pictures of orchids and birds for me. I’d like to know what they are serving you guys for meals. Have you seen many farms?

  2. Hey Aub,
    sounds like lots of fun and interesting things are happening.
    how’s the tan coming along?
    any cooows?

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