Snorkeling Is Fun

We went snorkeling in Douglas Bay today. This was the first snorkeling occurrence of our trip. Douglas Bay is on the north side of the island close to Portsmouth. Today’s excursion took us just over one kilometer. For several people this was their first experience with snorkeling and proved to be very exciting and sometimes challenging.


We enjoyed seeing some of the organisms that we have studied all semester. Some of these include the long-spined urchin,dscf2822.jpg

blunt-spined brittle stars,


and many coral varieties.  We all had an amazing time and look forward to our next experience.dscf2853.jpg


5 Responses

  1. Hi Bryan, we sure are enjoying all the pictures and information you are all posting. I have a question after looking at the pictures by the lake. The rocks along the shore line look volcanic. I am assuming that the island and the islands around Dominica were created by Volcanos or some kind of a volcanic upheaval or occurance. Is that how they were formed ? By the way, Dee and I love the van dyke !!!!!! Sharon, Tz. MOM

  2. everyone in the photo at top of this page is still smiling. describe some of the not-so-fun features of the trip. anybody have stomach upset yet? are you drinking local water or selecting fermented beverages? what is the source of local drinking water?

  3. Bryan – The pictures are awesome! So glad you are having such a good time. The pictures of you playing basketball are great too! Can’t wait to hear all the details! Love, Mom

  4. Bryan,
    I’ve enjoyed the pictures and checking everyone’s blogs. Have you caught any lizards? I guess they don’t bite. Do they have a lot of mosquitoes there?

  5. The pictures are awesome but your really making me jealous.


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