Morning of Day 2

So…DAY 2!! 

We first started out riding along a highway following the west coast in the back of a truck (don’t worry Mom, there were seats and it isn’t as bad as it sounds).  This part of the island is much drier because the mountains block the rain, so it wasn’t as lush and much more shrubby.  We made a stop at Batalie Beach to talk about the Dominican fishing industry where we looked at the type of boats used for fishing and some of the traps.  Batalie Beach

Carib canoes are used mostly in the fishing and still hold most of the orginal disign with a few modifications.  The traps are pre-Colombian and made from bamboo, but more recently some have been made from chicken wire.

Our next stop was Fort Shirley in Portsmouth–Dominica’s first capital.  Here we walked around parts of the fort that are being restored and then we also walked a little ways into the forest to the old Battery where the crumbling stone was covered in vines and the floors were crawling with hermit crabs! 

 The Battery

It was a very interesting first part of the day!


4 Responses

  1. First off I hope you had a seatbelt on in the back of the truck. Second, I’d like more info on the hermits. Were they Men / Women, old / young, what were they wearing? Hope you are getting lots and lots of pictures. Hope you are writing an afternoon blog. We need more info.

  2. Mom…hermit crabs…crabs…I just edited that to make it clearer.

  3. I hate you guys… looks incredible! tell lisa I couldnt respond to her because I was off seeing Beauty and The Beast….at my highschool….JEALOUS?

  4. fish traps? fished day or night? tended every day? are traps size selective? fished on top of the reef? fished inside the reef or on the ocean side? are the traps buoyed to the surface or do fishers dive to recover traps? do the boats have mechanical haulers as on Maine lobster boats or is the retrieval muscle powered?

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