Day 1 of our trip

Atlantic ocean just south of Melville

After many long stressful hours of travel we arrive at the Melville airport on the Atlantic side of the island. Customs was a breeze and the greeting we received, “Welcome to my Beautiful home”, truly makes us feel welcome. The daunting thought of climbing into a van with a steering wheel on the right hand side (opposite of the US) that will be traveling on the left hand side of the road (also opposite of the US) isn’t as pleasant. Our group is so spell bound by the natural beauty of this place that we climb aboard willingly. Our journey takes us through the heart of Dominica, across the middle of the island, over the treacherous roads that are so narrow most places won’t accommodate two vehicles at the same time. Tortola island on the final flight to DominicaDriver’s honk to each other in friendly greeting or in some cases as a warning to other drivers on blind curves. An hour long ride through dense, lush, green rainforest, past the Atlantic ocean churning against the shore, sheer drops, misty mountain tops and bright sunshine everywhere. All these things create on of the most breath taking, enchanting and memorable rides of my life.Mountains


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  1. Looks wonderful. Have fun!

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