We’re finally on our way….

So for the last few days, since Spring Break began, I have been squeezing in all the normal chores I have to catch up on when I get time.  Namely, in between buying all those last little items like suntan lotion and aftersun that I need for the trip, I have been cleaning my house, washing clothes and other stuff.Alex Drawing

It started snowing on my drive in to the college today.  It makes it very hard to believe that this time tomorrow we will be in tropical climes.  All my bags are now packed and in the trunk of my car.  I spent some extra special time with my daughter Alex over the last few days as I’m leaving her at home with Daddy.  I have special orders (trust me “order” is the correct word as only a five year old can say) to bring Alex home a present, preferably a cuddly toy or doll.  (Alex, if you change your mind, ask Daddy to leave me a comment with your prefered present).

I am about to go and pick up Kate, the other instructor, and we will meet six of the students here on campus shortly afterwards with the school van for the drive to Boston.Loading up the van at Unity

As you can see, Maine gave us a taste of Winter to emphasize the difference in climates between Unity and Dominica.  Not enough snow to make driving difficult, just enough to make life interesting. We gathered for a before photo to show off our delightful Maine complections.  Hopefully we will return a little browner, but not redder.

The Group leaving from Unity


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  1. interesting blog. does each member of the troupe have a separate forum? so many places to open on the blog that electronc navigation is a real journey. mostly so far the pages open to anticipation of the marine biology and writing to come later on the trip?

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