Duffle Shuffle


There was a lot of excited energy in the room on our last day of class.  That could have been because Professor Emma Creaser brought in donuts with extra glaze.  It also could have been because we were conducting our trip bag shuffle.  This process lets everyone double check their gear before the trip, and helps to make sure that we’ll have everything we need for eight days in Dominica.  Running down the gear list and watching the growing pile of stuff on our lab tables, I was consistently reminded of the nature of our trip: snorkel, fins, ankle and foot protection for coral reefs?  Check.  We’re going to need them for our days of marine observation.  These, and other items like sunscreen, hats, and flip-flops seemed out of place next to the snowy Maine landscape, but they’ll serve us well on the tropical island.  And just in case anyone had forgotten that we’re traveling to a country very far away, our requisite DEET (to fight against malaria), travel inoculations, outlet adaptors and passports were good reminders: we’re going to be a long way from Central Maine.

Everyone did a great job packing and anticipating the various situations we might encounter while on island.  Now the learning community will enjoy a few days of much-deserved rest and relaxation, before heading out Wednesday afternoon for Boston.  We’ll write more from there.

Talk to you soon!


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