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Present Culture of Dominica

Dominica has a very rich culture that comes from its diverse mix of English, French, African, and Carib peoples. English is the official language of the island, however much of the population also speak kwéyòl (Creole), which is a French based patois. The clothing style on the island is strongly influenced by their history and traditions. Colorful garments are often plaid and batik-inspired patterns. Women particularly wear this unique style of clothing. The cuisine on the island is equally exotic, with a strong creole influence. There is an abundance of tropical fruits and vegetables, and an unlimited supply of seafood!


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  1. HEY NIC! Looks gorgeous there!!! I’m so jealous!!! I’m glad to hear your having such a great time and you better be taking lots of pictures!!! We miss you so much 😦 but were happy you’re getting this experience 🙂 well, i think this has sounded profound enough (especially since im a dog) so im gonna get going, but we we cant wait to hear from you again!!! mua!

    ❤ Aiden

  2. what about social life for the Unity Expedition? describe the music? describe the local beverages? describe the twenty-somethings and their preferences for music, transportation, and any opportunity to chat with tourists?

  3. Well I wrote this before we even left for Dominica and there was no information on any of that.

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