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Coral Reef Habitat of Dominica

Dominica Coral Reef courtesy of ITMA

Dominica has several different coral reef type habitats surrounding the island. Each type of habitat has its own specific species that call it home. The true coral reef habits surrounding the island include “Fringing Reefs” in shallow water, “Fringing Reefs” in deep water, and Oligospecific Coral Assemblages which have only a few dominating coral species. Other habitats that aren’t classified as “true coral reefs” include “unconsolidated rocks”, “consolidated rocks”, and “sea grass beds”. Each of these habitats is unique in its own right, complete with its own species and bottom type. Pictures and more details of each type of habitat can be read about on ITME’s website. Photo courtesy of ITME.


3 Responses

  1. Wow, what a neat post, I never knew there were all these kinds of different coral reef habitats in Dominica!

  2. We need to save the coral reef so that other things can live and dwell under the sea.Great Job and Never give up !

  3. splendid dominica showing its natural beauty please dnt destroy

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