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History of Dominica Part I

The first people to explore and settle the island of Dominica were hunter gathers. They were known as the Ortoiroid People and arrived around 3100 BCE. Groups of Arawakan-speaking people arrived from 400 AD to 500 AD. One of these groups called Callinago are now known as the Carib people. Exploration of the island began around 1490 and ownership changed hands several times between the British, French, and Spanish for almost 5 hundred years after. During this time many different groups of people inhabit and coexist on Dominica. These groups included the Carib people, slaves from Africa, and the Maroons who were escaped slaves.


3 Responses

  1. This looks like a great trip! Make sure you come back, though!

  2. Hi Bryan,
    I want details! How was the flight? What time did you get there? Give me your first impressions of the place. Please send pictures!

  3. I really enjoy the phone calls and messages from you.
    Each day I think “I wonder What you are doing now?”

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